Tips On How To Win at Slots

Before we get start providing you with what we consider to be down to earth advice for playing online slots, let's get one thing clear – you cannot beat slot machines, either online or offline. You can randomly win some of the time, but they cannot be beaten. This is because all offline and online slot machines are 100% random. Each spin is independent of every other spin or result. Playing slots is pure luck, and there are no discernible patterns and no playing systems that can accurately predict or achieve a win. Your superstitions and 'gut feelings' do not affect your results, and going into the game with your head on straight about these things will help you to have realistic expectations.

While slot machines cannot be beaten, what you can do is maximize your potential for return by making good decisions regarding your game selections, bet size, game denomination choices, and your bankroll management. We strongly recommend that you also check out our page about understanding online slots payouts so that you can accurately interpret how a slot machine works when determining which game you will go with. Payout percentages play a large role in game selection and should always be researched prior to selecting your game of choice.

Selecting the Right Slot Machine

Whether you are doing this online or in a brick and mortar casino, you first must determine what you want to get out of your gambling session. If your goal is to lose as little as possible and stay in the game as long as possible, then you will want to choose a different game than those players who want to win big despite the cost. If you want to play it safe you will stay away from progressive slot games while those looking for that life changing win will be drawn to them. Flat-top slots offer better odds than progressives. Different games provide different results and gaming experiences, thereby making your objective for playing a definitive component to game selection. Regardless of your overall goals for playing, you should always always research the payout percentage for any machine or game you are considering playing. Most games payout between 83% and 98%. Don't consider games with a payout percentage lower than 95%.

In most cases, the larger the denomination of the machine, the better the payout percentage is, and the looser the machine is considered to be. On the flip side, if you choose the higher denomination slot games, you will lose more money per hour when playing should things not go your way. If your goal is focused on winning, then you will want to consider the machines that start at a quarter per payline and upwards.

Sticking with simpler games typically brings you better odds and better payouts. The games with fancy bonus rounds and bonus multipliers often have the payout percentage adjusted to accommodate for the bonus credits, which means reducing that percentage to make up for the difference, making the odds less favorable for players. Competition among online casinos keeps the payout percentages pretty high, but they can vary by game based on details such as bonus features. Simple games with fewer reels and fewer symbols per reel do increase your odds. There is no arguing however that the bonus rounds and bells and whistles found on the video slots with tons of paylines certainly deliver a highly stimulating gaming experience that can end up being profitable if you are really really lucky. They do not maximize your potential return though.

The Max Bet Rule – Not Always Black and White

Always going with the max bet on a machine has been expert advice for some time, however there are two sides to this strategy that are worth considering. Before you invest in any online slot machine, we advise that you play the game in free play mode for a little while first and really gain an understanding of the payout schedule. Some machines require a max bet in order to win the jackpot and/or to access other features of the game. In these cases, it is advisable to stick to the max bet rule.

Staunch supporters of the max bet rule feel that placing a max bet on a smaller denomination machine is more advantageous than betting one payline on a higher denomination machine. However, if you are playing a machine that does not require a max bet to win big, then you should consider that by reducing your bet to one payline vs all paylines, the penalty is usually less than 1%, and your odds are a little better. However, if you downgrade to a lower denomination machine to bet all paylines, then your penalty is usually great than 1% and sometimes includes reduced odds. If you are playing a progressive slot machine game, then you'll always want to embrace the max bet rule because after all, winning the jackpot is the whole point of playing these games. The maximum bet will always yield the biggest payouts, but will also yield the biggest losses. You should use this rule on a case by case basis depending on the game you are playing and the requirements for hitting the jackpot, as well as how much you can afford to wager.

Preserving your Capital

Conservative spending is the best way to preserve your bankroll. The first and foremost rule of bankroll management is NEVER EVER bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Everyone knows that slots are not the 'wisest' investment when it comes to gambling. They are fun, easy and come with great payout potential for the very very lucky, but they are not the games that offer the most favorable odds for players. Do not choose slot machines that you cannot afford. You can always work up to the high roller status through diligent bankroll management. A good rule to follow is to reserve the more risky slots wagers for a specific percentage of your winnings only, and use the balance of your winnings combined with your core bankroll for the slow and steady growth that will allow your bankroll to be self sufficient while providing ample entertainment and winning potential. If you stick to this rule, you will be able to effectively grow your bankroll while enjoying slots and branching out to other games as well.

Consider Slots Tournaments

There is some real money to be made in slots tournaments, as well as some of the most exciting slots action you will ever experience. They are available at online casinos and offline at land based casinos, and players enter for a flat buy-in and compete against other players for a prize payout. The prizes range from small to significant, with commensurate buyin amounts, and can be very worth your time and effort, as well as delivering a substantially enjoyable gaming experience. Because slots are based entirely on luck, every player has an equal chance of winning the tournament, and you are just as likely to win as any other participant. Your game play is based on a flat rate buy in, hence you don't experience the losses that you normally might for playing the same number of spins outside of the tournament setting.

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