Online Slots Payout Percentages

If you enjoy playing online slots every now and then, you may not have ever given the actual payout percentage of the machines you play any thought. However, smart players and frequent patrons of gambling sites understand that knowing the online slots payout percentage can make the difference between some enjoyable low-cost fun with a loss, and showing a sizable profit. Think about it. We shop for the lowest priced groceries, gas and other necessities all the time, why not do the same when we want to play slots online? This is a key component included in our tips on how to win at slots guide.

The problem is that some people simply do not understand how to go about finding those online slot machines which offer the best payout percentages. We will show you just how to do that in a minute, but let us look at exactly what payout percentage means. If the payout percentage on a particular game is 97%, that means that "over an extended number of plays" 97% of all money wagered by players will be paid back to customers. This can also be expressed as RTP, or "return to player."

So obviously, online slot games are more favorable for you if they have a higher payout percentage. But now we run into a problem. Not every company openly discloses these numbers. If you happen to enjoy slots at a site that employs RealTime Gaming (RTG) software, just look for the TST (Technical Systems Testing) logo located somewhere on the bottom of the web site's pages. If the payout percentages are not listed here, you can always contact a casino's customer service department for that answer.

Generally speaking, the top online casinos providing the best and most popular games return a 96% to 98.5% slots payout percentage. And some games even approach a 100% payout. But even if you have two games that deliver a 97% payout, for example, they may not play the same way. If one game offers 100 possibilities with only one winning combination that pays $97, that will show the exact same 97% payout as a second game with 100 possibilities, that instead pays out 97 winning combinations worth a $1 pay coin each.

Online slots payout percentage is only determined over an extremely long time, often times as many as 10 million different sessions. This means that your particular session could return massively higher or lower results. As long as you relegate yourself to the top rated online slots casinos which provide online games that you enjoy, you will benefit from the best possible RTP and overall experience. Remember, gaming software, welcome bonuses and player rewards, game selection and banking methods are all important considerations to include in your online casino choice, and the typical online slot machine delivers a higher payout percentage on average than its brick-and-mortar counterpart.  

Casino Offering Top Payout Percentages

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